Tuesday, April 17, 2007

every blog needs a cat photo...knitting and pakora

Ok, I completely forgot for a while that this blog is also about knitting and gardening too, so here is my first post of a knitting project. I should have lots of photos, but have a habit of giving the finished knitting project away before photographing. Here are my adorable niece and nephew wearing the "dready hats" I knit for solstice. The pattern was provided to me by my friend Ragnar at Domestic Piracy, on her blog I am known as jiggy. http://domesticpiracy.blogspot.com/index.html

and my cute kitties:
every blog needs a cat photo zoe and clara

fergus in a box

Now that that is out of the way, back to food and gardening. I now have tomato plants growing happily indoors until it is warm in MI. I recently planted some Thai basil and sweet basil in pots and the seeds have germinated - yip yip.

And finally, a food shot:
indian pakora bangladeshi dora

I will post the recipe for these Indain pakora/bangladeshi dora in the next day or two and add the unbelievable cilantro mint chutney sauce to it. I just look for reasons to make this sauce and put it on these pakora/dora. It is sooooo tasty - but I am a sauce girl by nature.

i'm out

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it's Bora ;)