Friday, April 20, 2007

This blog site is moving!

Well, I have been having blog envy for a while now. The solution? Design my own blog with my colors and layout. I wanted a theme to match my mood, the colors of Mexico. It is still in process, but from now on I plan to post on this site: Once nice aspect is that the address is easier to remember.
So, update your links and enjoy! Gardening season is here and I am very much looking forward to my visit on Sunday to Van Atta's to gather more varieties of heirloom tomatoes, peppers, other veggies and always more herbs. Next weekend I hope to install a cold frame in the garden and work on some long awaited landscaping.

I will figure out a way to link you to the new blog soon when someone types in this address. Lucky for me, my boyfriend is an internet/blog guru and is helping me with this project, ok, he is doing all of it and I just pick out the colors and photos.

See you over at the new Fresh Ginger, where I will actually be including more recipes on a regular basis soon!

i'm out


Faye said...

I went to an open air market a few weeks ago and bought heirloom tomatoes. They were amazingly delicious. Wow! What a treat. The purple ones espectially, were the best....I need to find out where to find them closer to my home. Good luck with your new site!! See you there...

celticjig said...

I love the purple tomatoes! It might not be too late to start some seeds if you live North, but since I think you are in Florida, I would search around at the farmer's market for vendors selling tomato plants and put one in a large pot if you don't have a yard. Nothing like a tomato picked from your garden still warm from the sunlight, add some fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, olive oil, salt and pepper and you have the best salad around.