Sunday, January 28, 2007

Brown rice can't substitute for everything..

Ok, the brown rice tortillas were disgusting. I heated one up a bit to soften it before topping it with mixed greens and some delish chicken salad with green onions, Parmesan and sour cream. I rolled it up, sliced it in half, secured the wrap with toothpicks and placed them in a ziplock bag. That and some seedless red grapes and I was off to my evening meeting.

On route I opened the bag and pulled out one of the wrap halves and took a nice big bite as the chicken salad was threating to jump ship. Now I know why, that chicken salad was right. The tortilla was so dry, chewy and cardboardy tasting that I almost spit it out. I attempted to eat the chicken salad alone and then gave up, afterall I was in a car driving. I threw it and the second half away and haven't looked back since.

Last night I had some friends over for dinner and decided to make some focaccia. I used Bette Hagmans recipe from her Bakes Bread book and it is great! I load it up with garlic, fresh rosemary, parm and thinly sliced shallots. I should have taken a photo of this one, it was a keeper. Here is a not so good shot of a leftover piece. I need a camera that can do nice close up food shots.

This eve I have decided to make some sushi rolls for dinner. It has been years since I have attempted this. It is much easier to run down to my local sushi/korean restaurant and order a couple of rolls togo. But, I always have to avoid the crab as most fake crab has wheat in it. This week I found a new brand of fake crab sans wheat starch, using potato starch instead. Being from a potato farm (and cherries and apples too) I am always a fan of anything potato.

So the crab is thawing, the nori is sitting out, the rice is calling me and we will see what else I have in the fridge to complete the picture. Cucumbers and green onion for starters. Together with some edamame and some white rice miso soup and GF tamari and wasabi, it will be great. So I am off to a GF Japan this eve and if it turns out, I promise to take a photo this time!

i'm out

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